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    Throwing Needles

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    Throwing Needles Empty Throwing Needles

    Post  Falabella Shire on Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:40 am

    Name: Throwing Needles
    Requirements: Some form of Needle to throw. Weapon 10. Agility 12. And any stats that are on each Needle type
    Stamina cost: Depends on the needle. Damaging Needles take 3 stamina for a throw of 1-4 needles. Hypo Needles and Acupuncture Needles take 2 stamina for 1-8 needles (they are much lighter).
    Downside: One attack with one needle doesn’t do much physical damage, best as low level with Damaging Needles, or using the poisons with Hypo Needles
    Post duration: one post attack. Can throw repeatedly post after post
    Type: Attack, buff, debuff, or heal depending on which Needle and/or Ability is used
    Range: 20’ with Damaging Needles (or any needles made of metal) 10’ with Hypo and Acupuncture Needles made of quills
    Base Damage: 2 damage for each Damaging Needle, 1 damage for each Hypo Needle, no damage for Acupuncture Needle
    Other Damage: Dependent on which Hypo Needle or Acupuncture ability is used
    Level needed: 1 (different needles have their own level of use, can only throw at their designated level)
    Rp Sample link:
    Silently stalking her prey, using a small amount of magic to give her just enough levitation so she wouldn’t make noise on the ground with broken twigs or leaves. Reaching behind her with both arms, she slowly grabs 4 of her Damaging Needles strapped to her lower back. Aiming for most accuracy, she thinks *sorry Mr. Bunny but Big Brother needs something to cook for dinner tonight* as she hurls her needles at the unsuspecting rabbit 15 feet away. One in the neck, one in the heart, one in the head, and one pinning an ear to the ground, not much damage to the meat of the body, as planned. *Tokara should be happy with one more, let’s grab my needles and keep hunting*
    Description: Throwing Needles… it’s like throwing knives… but not knives… Can be thrown underhand, overhand, sideways, or across the body sideways the other way. Can throw 20’ with Damaging Needles (or any needles made of metal) 10’ with Hypo and Acupuncture Needles made of quills but Acupuncture needles may not be effective all the time.

    +1 Magic, +10 (making it 30) Bard
    5 Damage Resistance, 5 Magic Resistance, 1 Fire Resistance
    Claws MM - 13, Spikes MM - 13, Damaging Needles MM - 9

    There are Damaging Needles - MM weaved into her corset, giving her additional Defense, when hit they will break when they reach the Rating #.  10 in front, back, and each side, with 4 reg Damaging Needles in front and 2 on each side and back.  As I throw them, I will state which area I take them from.

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    Throwing Needles Falabe10
    Mr. Von Ronsenberg
    Mr. Von Ronsenberg

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    Throwing Needles Empty Re: Throwing Needles

    Post  Mr. Von Ronsenberg on Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:01 am

    Approved and with a positive side note: The 10 foot - 20 foot range only applies horizontally. So if you are 30 feet in the air, you can throw one and it can go up to 10 feet in front of you before dropping the 30 feet. I know you probably already knew this, but I'm just clarifying. As it is I might have been more confusing than anything else, so p.m. me or catch me on the chat box if I was unclear which I almost certainly was. lol

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