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    A Secret Meeting (Glaidus, Sidney, CLOSED)

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    A Secret Meeting (Glaidus, Sidney, CLOSED) Empty A Secret Meeting (Glaidus, Sidney, CLOSED)

    Post  Sidney Hawkins on Sat May 28, 2016 3:17 pm

    Sidney had slowly worked his way to Glaidus' shop with his Plasite Cutter.  It was the first time that he had been up and about in some time so by the time that he had made it there he was extremely winded.  He entered the Smithy's shop and looks around.  He doesn't immediately see Glaidus so he assumes that he must be over by the forge which had been a rarity these days.  Sidney works his way to the forge and sure enough he sees Glaidus there but all he's doing is giving it a once over.

    Sidney slowly walks up to him and before he can say anything Glaidus speaks out.  "Ah!  There ya are Mister Hawkins!  I've heard of the exploits that yuh've been a part of.  Glad ta see yer up and about.  Not many can say that they've killed a golden horse killer and even managed to bring in the body.  But I'm sure yer not here to brag about it, that's not the kind of man you are now is it?"

    It was good to see Glaidus, but Sidney was not up for a long conversation, physically, nor mentally.  "I'm glad to have made it here as well but I don't have any time.  I have to run an idea by you.  It's actually a pretty complex weapon and I have a one million gold budget for it.  Can we go somewhere away from other people?"  

    Glaidus looks at him with a look of intrigue and they both walk into a room in the back.  After about half an hour they come back out and Sidney is quick to leave while Glaidus goes back to the front and furiously begins writing something else.  As Sidney exits Glaidus' shop and turns the corner someone comes out of the closest alley behind him and delicately grabs the back of his neck.  There is a zapping sound and Sidney collapses.  The stranger catches him before he falls to the ground and drags him back into the alley.


    A Secret Meeting (Glaidus, Sidney, CLOSED) Sidney10

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