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    Flight Empty Flight

    Post  Falabella Shire on Sat Dec 08, 2012 1:37 am

    Name: Flight
    Requirements: Wings. Enough strength to lift half your body weight (round up if needed), in my case 5 (weight 45lb, half is 22.5. 1 strength per 5 pounds). Stamina 10.
    Stamina cost: 2 stamina per one movement forward, back, left, or right while in flight. 1 stamina to maintain being off the ground or move upward after picking initial desired height (first post of flight can jet upward up to 30’ on one stamina). No stamina to move downward (just a controlled fall)
    Downside: easier to spot by enemies. Drain on stamina.
    Post duration: one post to become air-born (up to 30’) and move one step in a forward, back, left, right direction. Movement after initial post requires one post per movement of one standard step in any direction.
    Type: evasion, Flight
    Range: as far as my stamina will take me
    Base Damage: none
    Other Damage: none
    Level needed: 1
    Rp Sample link:
    “SNAKE!” I scream as I quickly disappear into the trees straight overhead. Flying as if my life depended on it I still only made it 10’ up.

    Daddy looks at my brother and rolls his eyes, thinking about this silly girl, scared of a little snake (to a centaur it was little, being only 2’ long… to a 1’7” tall sprite-elf child… it was big). My brother doesn’t roll his eyes, or laugh at me. He knew… it looked somewhat like what sunk our ship…

    “Fala, come down, I’ll keep you off the ground.” I look down, seeing my brother with his arms up, smiling at me. I knew he was spoiling me and it wouldn’t last long before he was calling me a brat again… better take advantage while I could. I jump out of my perch, and free-fall toward my brother, loving the panicked look on his face when he thought he might not catch me. At the last moment I slow myself down, don’t want to hurt the poor boy, he is big for his age, but he’s still only 10.
    Description: … Flight, you really gonna need more than that? I have small wings, bigger wings may take less stamina to fly.

    +1 Magic, +10 (making it 30) Bard
    5 Damage Resistance, 5 Magic Resistance, 1 Fire Resistance
    Claws MM - 13, Spikes MM - 13, Damaging Needles MM - 9

    There are Damaging Needles - MM weaved into her corset, giving her additional Defense, when hit they will break when they reach the Rating #.  10 in front, back, and each side, with 4 reg Damaging Needles in front and 2 on each side and back.  As I throw them, I will state which area I take them from.

    Book of Falabella - to see my equipment and abilities/spells

    Flight Falabe10
    Mr. Von Ronsenberg
    Mr. Von Ronsenberg

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    Flight Empty Re: Flight

    Post  Mr. Von Ronsenberg on Mon Dec 10, 2012 9:51 am


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