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    Glass Vial

    Falabella Shire
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    Glass Vial Empty Glass Vial

    Post  Falabella Shire on Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:25 pm

    Name: Glass Vial
    Requirements: none
    Use: storage
    Range: N/A
    Level needed: 1
    Rp Sample link: I put my herb in a vial with a 50/50 mixture, now my poison will be able to be coated on my weapons.
    Description: It is a Glass Vial. Fits 8 ounces. In the shape of a 4 inch tall tube with a cork as a stopper. Can put anything in it that would fit as long as it isn’t something can melt glass (lava).
    Cost: Only sells in sets of 10 for 50 gold

    +1 Magic, +10 (making it 30) Bard
    5 Damage Resistance, 5 Magic Resistance, 1 Fire Resistance
    Claws MM - 13, Spikes MM - 13, Damaging Needles MM - 9

    There are Damaging Needles - MM weaved into her corset, giving her additional Defense, when hit they will break when they reach the Rating #.  10 in front, back, and each side, with 4 reg Damaging Needles in front and 2 on each side and back.  As I throw them, I will state which area I take them from.

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    Glass Vial Falabe10

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